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spesifikasi samsung s7

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S7 , Circulating Leaked Does not Adopt Screen Bezel

Samsung until today is still a pioneer in the development of technology,
technology smartphone devices In the world of smartphones , Samsung can indeed be said to have been very dominate the various lines of the smartphone market Samsung already has a variety of products ranging from entry-level to high-end or premium smartphone market . As this most recent time , Samsung has just released its newest product premium smartphone Samsung smartphone Galaxy S6 . This product comes with a specification that is fantastic and has been eagerly awaited his presence .
Samsung Galaxy S6 itself has been officially released and a matter of time to be sold in general kepasaran . But surprisingly , the Samsung Galaxy S6 has not been sold to the public was already rumors circulating that new images and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 products .
This is of course quite surprising many, as Samsung itself when it is busy in preparation for the release of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S6. For Samsung Galaxy S6 product itself is comes with very premium, classy and stylish.The body itself is made of high quality materials that make this smartphone looks so special. But for the Samsung Galaxy S7 own products that have been leaked in cyberspace also performed with a design that is quite luxurious and unique.
Meanwhile, for the time being leaked specs average mention if Samsung Galaxy S7 will use 6GB RAM and octa-core processor. As for the rear camera sector is already carrying a resolution of 30MP and carrying the front camera of 7MP. This smartphone is also rumored to be carrying the battery charging feature only in a matter of minutes.

For the type of screen, still carrying the Super AMOLED screen and wide screen of about 5.2 inches. Resolution screen itself will be using a resolution of 4K. For the screen itself also reportedly will no longer use the bezel. It looks even more premium smartphones and indicates this is the high-end smartphone.

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